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  • DFIR - Search to help gear your DFIR searches towards the right targets - sites included in this search include researchers personal blogs, wikis and sites which provide tools/listings of tools to use for analysis/investigations

  • Code Finder - Searches various online code repositories to look for existing tools/code to leverage instead of having to start from scratch/re-inventing the wheel. Sites include Sourceforge, Google Code, GitHub, Bitbucket etc.

  • IP/Domain - Searches non-indexed IP lookups (i.e. Cymru) and other various tools such as Robtex & Fast Flux. (credited to http://hooked-on-mnemonics.blogspot.com)

  • Malware Analysis - Searches 125+ URLS related to malware analysis, anti-virus reports, reverse engineering, and other related topics. (credited to http://hooked-on-mnemonics.blogspot.com)
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